About Us


J&H Dance School was founded in 1997 in Houston, Texas and is currently operated by internationally renowned Chinese performing artists, Ms. Jie Zhou and school principal, Ms. Xiaohui Gao. As a leading organization of instructing and introducing Chinese traditional and contemporary culture and performance dances, J&H was recognized by the Beijing Dance Academy in 1999 and became the first oversea agency in the United States qualified to issue the Certification of Chinese Dance Grading. J&H is also recognized by the Houston Independent School District for its dance class hours accredited for P.E. classes.

With well over a decade of teaching experiences, the teachers at J&H believe that technical fundamentals, performance experience, and self-confidence cultivated by dancing at an early age will prepare young children to excel in all aspects of their life. J&H Dance School strives to reach the ultimate goals of self-confidence, diligence, dignity, and spirit of team work for each student through dance training and performances. In order to maximize the students' potential in dance skills and performing abilities, J&H organizes several dance companies based on student age, skill, and preferences in addition to regular dance classes.

The key mission of J&H is to train students to utilize their bodies in a way that expresses their inner beauty and spirit. Therefore, J&H recruits the most reputable dance artists with top-level curriculum and skills. The quality of the instructors, intense training of dance companies, frequent performance opportunities, and cultural exchange programs are always top priorities of J&H Dance School. During the past 18 years, students and teachers of J&H were frequently invited to perform in major cultural and performing art events city and state-wide. Many students of J&H have achieved high marks in local and international competitions with solos and group dances choreographed by teachers of J&H Dance School. Additionally, the J&H Dance School curriculum also includes teaching students makeup skills, costume design, and social communication. All of these skills help students in their future endeavors and have assisted past students win the Miss Chinatown title.

In early 2010, J&H underwent personal and curricular reorganization to further improve its teaching quality and school environment. A major renovation has created a spacious new studio, while a new professional ballet teacher and hip-hop teacher were recruited to enhance the teaching quality and dancing varieties. In order to accommodate parents and the community at large, additional adult dance and yoga classes were provided and opened to the community. All classes in J&H have now achieved a much more optimal student/teacher ratio this year.

With the support of students, parents, and volunteers throughout past years, along with the dedication of its teachers, J&H Dance School has become one of the most reputable, professional, and fast growing dance school in the greater Houston metropolitan area.