Noble Events


  •   Annual Chinese dance grading exam was held in May 2014, as scheduled.

  • The 2nd Showcase of awarding-winning dance by J & H students was successfully held in May 2014.

  •  Rose Li won the Miss China Town of 2014.

  •  Awards of 2014 Dance Competitions:

  • Showstopper Regional & Final; StarQuest Regional & Final; Dance Starbound, total received awards 133: Double Platinum: 6; High Platinum: 15; Platinum: 26; Elite Gold: 5; High Gold: 16; Gold: 10; Overall: 44; Best Costume: 5; Judge Special: 3; Best Act: 2; Special Culture: 1.

  •  Competitors:

  • Solo: Jennie Yu; Sharon Wang; Christina Cai; Melinda Ding; Janet Chen; Alaina Peng; Sandy Song; Christy Zhang; Claire Zhou; Isabel Suschitz;Annabelle Wang; Annie Zhu; Catrina Coe; Anning You; Angel Liu; Cara He; Shirley Zhu; Emily She; Holly Liu; Carolyn Zhang. 

  • Duet: Sara Guo & Jennie Yu; Karina Peng & Amy Zhou; Sara Guo & Cordelia; Janet Chen & Christy Zhang.

  • Trio: Jessica Chai, Candace Li & Stephanie Wang.

  •  Group Dance: Emily She; Christine Chen; Jessica Chai; Catrina Coe; Sara Guo; Candace Li; Cordelia Li; Catherine Lu; Stephanie Tang; Stephanie Wang; Julia Wu; Hanna Zhang; Bridgette Liu; Christina Cai; Annabelle Wang; Cara He; Wendy Jin; Alaina Peng; Sandy Song; Sharon Wang; Melissa Zhang; Claire Zhou; Carolyn Zhang.