2015 New Year's Party

Our first gathering on January 11, 2015 consisted of a J&H Dance Showcase reunion where our students who competed solos and duets in the 2014 competition season and performed in the 2014 J&H Dance Showcase celebrated New Years together with our teachers and principle, Zhou Jie. 


Speeches given by each of our teachers, a few parents, and even some of the students reminded us how grateful we are to have each other in our lives and the beautiful J&H family we've established over the years. 

_DSC7188 copy.jpg

We appreciated the opportunity to see our teachers relaxed and laughing with us as we watched a documentary produced by Janet Chen & Christy Zhang recording the hard work and dedication that goes into a competition season and a show like J&H Showcase. 

We wish every a prosperous 2015 as we begin the competition season! 

Photos by Qingyan He